Things that you should know before you appoint a PHP developer


With the release of so many incredible programming languages and their updates, it appears like PHP may lose its grip in the coming time. However, with abundance of frameworks coming in PHP it is highly unlikely that anything can replace PHP. These frameworks lower the hassles of programming for an off-shore developer by offering different set structures of coding. Some of the renowned PHP frameworks are Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter etc.

With so much popularity, you have overabundance of PHP developers across the world. Just put a requirement of offshore php developer and you will be flooded with CVs. This makes it really tough to pick the right one for you. Below here are some important points which will help you in choosing the right PHP developer:

1.Know about the different frameworks

If you are really thinking of hiring a good PHP developer, then you should have some knowledge of PHP and its different frameworks. In fact, PHP and its frameworks are really easy to understand. CakePHP application development is really simple and requires basic understanding.

Try to understand your project requirement with different framework and you will be able to choose an ideal framework for your project. It will also help you in filtering out the PHP developers who aren’t expert in that particular framework. For instance, if you want your website in CodeIgniter, then you should only choose codeigniter web framework development company for your project.

2.Put the right questions

One of the mistakes which companies make when choosing a PHP developer is that they ask general questions about the language. Who create the language and who runs it has no significance in your project. These questions are irrelevant. On the contrary, you should test the skills of the developer.

You should ask questions related to the development of your website. Find out about their designing and developing pattern and their hands-on experience with any specific framework of your choice. If you want cakephp application development, then you should discuss about their knowledge in that particular framework.

3.Find out their payment

When you hire an offshore development company, you need to look at their payment methods too. You can either pay them on hourly basis or on a fixed cost. Share your business requirements and ask them to quote for your work.

4.Check their communication skills

Communication skills are highly important when hiring a developer. It is a non-technical aspect which most businesses forget to enquire but suffer later. If your developer doesn’t have a seamless communication with during the web development procedure, then the project may get complicated and tedious. Hence, your developer should have good communication skills to understand your vision and make you understand their perspective. It doesn’t matter whether you choose an in-house company or an offshore development company. What matters is that they should have right interaction with their clients.

With the above mentioned tips, you can definitely hire a good developer for your web development project.

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